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        Covent Garden early '90's
My association with Covent Garden lasted over
twenty-three years and I saw it at it's
very best
between 1985 - 97 with performers like Antonio
and Eduardo Nieblas, Sarah Crowe,
Eddie Izzard,
Terry St.Clair, Doctor Stewart and
The Gutter
Brothers all having successes beyond
the Garden in
the Film world or on T.V & Radio.
MaryGlasgow MagazineThis was one of a few shots taken in the  Highgate's Kenwood House grounds, my favourite haunt during the nineties. With some worldwide magazine exposure, they reproduced one of my tunes to accompany the mag. apparently listened to in Hong Kong and
such places.

Mary Glasgow Edu.Magazine,
Kenwood House 1998

Covent Garden 2000
 Covent Garden 2000
One cold Sunday in what was to be one of my last years in the Garden. You could say I made a rather haphazard plan to escape the place and succeeded in 2003. Why? Well all good things have to come to an end and it's always best to leave gracefully if possible.

Somewhere in time . . . 

Guildford Festival
                                Guildford Festival '05 - July
I've had an association with Guildford almost as long as that with Covent Garden and was the first 'street-entertainer ' on the High Street way back in 1982. I note with some pride that even the great James Galway had done some 'busking' in Dublin and Paris, or so the stories go . . .  -
I have to dispel the ignorance over the word 'busking' though. It originates from the jazz era when musicians used to 'sit in' on sessions and 'faked it' or 'busked' through tunes they did not really know and had never seen before and would simply follow 'the dots ' or chord charts to play whatever the bandleader placed in front of them. This is one skill sadly lacking amongst younger generations.