Updated: 27th November 2012
Kai Jansen
   Rosie Glossop

             NOVEMBER                     MUSICIAN                         
                  Friday 2            DAVID DODDINGTON                   Saturday 1            EDMONDO
                  Saturday 3              
                  Friday 7            KAI JANSEN
                  Friday 9            DAVID DODDINGTON                   Saturday 8                           EDMONDO
                  Saturday 10
                  Friday 14            TERRY G 
                  Friday 16            TERRY G
                  Saturday 15            TERRY G
                  Saturday 17
           KAI JANSEN
                  Friday 21            ROSIE GLOSSOP
                  Friday  23            ROSIE GLOSSOP                   Saturday 22            KAI JANSEN
                  Saturday 24
           TERRY G
                  Friday 28            KAI JANSEN
                  Friday 30            KAI JANSEN                   Saturday 29            ROSIE GLOSSOP
                  Monday 31            "TERRY G Special"
PAZZIA has Live Music every Friday & Saturday night, and this has been a feature of the restaurant for many years now. There are a variety of different performers, singers and  musicians, so for each day it is a new experience.
Currently we have:
Kai JansenTerry G, David Doddington & Edmondo. Less frequent appearances by Phil Edmonds & Elkie Jeffries will be advertised well in advance.
                                                                                                                                                                                  ~              ~              ~                                                                                                                                          
Kai Jansen  - a musician for 46 years, has been playing PAZZIA for four years now, performing a wide variety of music in many differing
                          locations, going from classical to Sting and standards to modern, using an electro-acoustic guitar, drum-machine & vocals to                             great live effect & continuously adding new material,including his own. He is releasing an E.P.single now on Dec.8th called                                 'Now and Then', a John Lennon tribute single - so watch this space!

Contact Kai:    or from his website at

Phil Edmonds- has been back now for 4 months or so, playing only sparingly when he can make it. Well worth catching for his overlaid
                             guitar work and soft vocals, playing in his own inimitable style.
Contact Phil:
Terry G  -  She has performed at various venues including 'Lakeside', Camberley. Also from Europe to Las Vegas as a duo and now as 
                   soloist, and is local to PAZZIA, plugging in to her own sound system and has been working here for over three years now and                          has her own following. Very much an entertainer with the audience onside.

Contact Terry:
David Doddington - touches of James Taylor in his presentation, mixed with acoustic, ragtimey-blues. David arrived two years ago,
                                     a charming gentleman in his own right with a straightforwardness that belies some of the subtleties going on, David                                          has a quiet English assertive appeal for all those who like their music served up uncluttered.
Contact David:  /

Edmondo  - In his own words, being the only real Italian in the place:
I am an Italian professional musician and singer, I came in England in 1985.
I had compliments from Stevie Wonder, Price with his band (the new power generation), Christina Aguilera with her band and Bon Jovi.       On June 27th 2007 I have been playing with Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) in Knightsbridge and that has been a very powerful experience. I have a professional recording studio and I am good.

Contact Edmondo:  07846-943871
Past performers have included:
Mark Millington - A fine soprano & tenor sax-player who can rock it up when required. 'DJ-ing' has become a sideline for him as well.
Contact Mark:  and look into his website at
Elkie Jeffries - Elkie usually has a small following who attend when she sings.
Contact Elkie: and you can listen to her at:
Phil Edmonds -  was the original member of Pazzia's musicians who introduced Kai Jansen to PAZZIA, before he left on his travels,                                          and travel he does, extensively. At the moment Italy seems to be the attraction for festivals (and friends).
                               Phil plays a variety of tunes with overlaid 'live' guitar patterns with a voice eminently suited to the Paul Simon and James                                  Taylor mould, the latter for whom he once opened 'the show' for, when Taylor was on an English tour a few years ago.
Garcia Curbelo - from Colombia, who brought a touch of Latin-American music to Pazzia with his unusual Harp music.
                                               Having built both his recent instruments he plays romantic and contemporary, original and transcribed traditional                                                and modern folk, jazz-inspired  tunes and original compositions.
                                               Does a great solo for MARACAS - has to be seen and heard to be believed!

Contact Ricardo:          - Great for Solo concert gigs and/or wedding performances.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Alex - singer & guitarist, playing classic tunes for everyone's taste.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
'Rio' is a Latin-guitar and bass duo, (and also now as a trio with female vocalist and extra percussion) offering a broad variety of styles                 that has something for everyone, (including at least one Lady Gaga track.)
            They describe themselves as "Carabebabop" - Latin, swing and chill out.
            Contact the group on or from their website                                                                                                                                                                                     
Gary - bringing together a mix collection of modern to classic music for all generations ....
Dr Mark - singer and guitarist playing latino, salsa, modern, contemporary music...