'ONE GOOD MAN' (words & music by Kai Jansen)

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I have this pegged to the US dollar because the 'Freedom Movement' is strong there. Being under attack in the U.K is a constant daily occurrence &
we need all the support we can get
to fend off the socialist curse of 'progressive liberalism'.

Most of Europe is lost
and the U.K. is teetering.
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A minor contribution to exalt
all those who would be that
One Good Man and who will stand up to be counted
when the time comes.

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Once a month, 50% of what I make on this recording will go to The FreeSpeechUnion.org verifiable with them once everything is set-up to roll. Loss of
    Free speech by no-platforming & other insidious tactics by faceless wonders on social media is unacceptable & needs to be countered vigourously.


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